Usually referred to as CEA is a non-progressive congenital hereditory condition of the eye,which affects several breeds from the wider Collie family. Although the mode of inheritance is no longer as clear as it once was supposed, in its milder forms it does not appear to affect sight.

As there are, at present, no known genetically clear Rough Collie in this country, the only method of ensuring any puppies are clear or only mildly affected by CEA is to have the whole litter eye tested by a BVA listed opthamologist, at the age of 6 to 7 weeks.

A list of BVA opthalmologists can be found here


Commonly referred to as PRA, either Central or Generalised, is a progressive hereditory eye condition which causes eventual blindness in several breeds.

Due to the vigilance of responsible owners this condition has largely been eradicated from the Rough Collie gene pool, although breeders continue to be advised to test breeding stock periodically throughout their lives in order that the Rough Collie can remain virtually free from this debilitating condition.