The Margaret Duncan Memorial Special Award Classes judged by Mrs. Linda McCormick (Lynmack)

Junior dog/bitch 3(1 abs)
1st McClelland & Brotherton’s Erjon El Diamante at Alauna, 17 month old tri bitch, lovely jet black coat in good condition, balanced head with a sweet expression and well placed ears, nice shape with good lay back of shoulder and level top line, good length of tail, moved well.

2nd Rycraft’s Born To Be Your Pinot Noir, 14 month old s/w dog, presented well, good ear carriage, deep chest and good spring of rib, nice shape.

Graduate dog/bitch 5(4 abs)
McGill’s Paridel Michelin Star, 2yr old s/w dog in lovely condition, well balanced head with a sweet expression and well placed ears which he used to his advantage, good angulations front and back, good forward reach and balance of movement.

Open dog/bitch 13(6 abs)
Rae’s Paridel French Martini, 2yr old s/w bitch, well presented in good coat and condition, well balanced head with stop in the correct place, lovely eye shape and placement giving a lovely expression, well placed ears and used well, good front with a deep chest and nice lay back of shoulder, good forward reach and length of stride giving accurate clean movement.

Houston’s Aldermeade Ceilieh Dancer at Mounthope, 5yr old s/w bitch in lovely coat and condition, very feminine with a sweet expression, lovely make and shape, level top line and sound on the move with good drive.