Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show

16th March 2014

Firstly I would like to say thank you to the committee for making me so welcome, I enjoyed my day and a big thank to the exhibitors for there lovely entry.

Rough Collies

Veteran Dog / Bitch  3. (2)

  1. Aldermeade’s  Paris Heights At Mounthope

 Upstanding S/W dog in lovely condition, clean head with nice reach of neck, neat ears used well making a lovely picture. Moved well

Minor Puppy Dog  5. (1)

Lovely class of babies for the future

  1.  Sibbald’s Telforth Tony

S/W baby ,Settled today stood 4 square showing his lovely outline, clean head pattern, lovely moulding of foreface, dark almond eyes giving a sweet expression. Moved well. BPD BPIS.

  1. Fort’s Shulune Blue Obsession


B/M  a raw baby just 6 months, clean colour,  the most lovely outline . Beautiful reach of neck and lay of shoulder correct length of back. Lovely clean head and dark eyes on this baby giving a soft expression. Showed non stop for his handler lost out to 1. as a little unsettled on the move. Will watch these youngsters careers with interest

  1. Blaikie’s Kourika Kleen Sweep

Puppy Dog 2. (1)

 1.Cloy’s Scarletts Ebony Joker

S/W Upstanding male a little unsettled with his surroundings. Lovely expression when used his ears, Nice shape , moved ok

Junior Dog 3. (1)

  1. Brooker’s Corisian Irresistible


S/W  Lovely sweet expression from his dark almond shaped eyes when ears on top. Clean stop has lovely moulding of foreface. Has a wealth of coat when stood 4 square could see his nice outline. Moved well.

  1. Rycraft’s Born To Be Your Pinot Noire

Nice clean head, sweet expression , unsettled when stood but moved well.

Maiden Dog 2.

  1. Fort’s-; Shulune Blue Obsession


  1. McCarte’s-; Lynmack Walk All Over You At Roughrigg

Nice s/w puppy stood 4th in early class as he was unsettled and reluctant to move just needs time and patience with him.

Novice Dog  No Entries

Graduate Dog 2. (2) Absent

Post Grad Dog 3 (1)

  1. McGill’s Paridel Michelin Star


S/W a little unsettled, upstanding male when stood. Making a lovely picture clean head pattern. Moved very well.

2.Rycraft’s Lynmack Say You Will

Showed and stood well, clean head pattern, lovely expression . Unfortunately found to be monorchid on going over him .

Limit Dog 4.(1)

  1. Welch’s Ladnar Perfect Time At Thistlewing


B/M  Lovely clean colour well presented. Nice head pattern, neat ears on top, stood, showed and moved well

  1. Fort’s Shulune Mines A Double


S/W Left his coat at home and not settled today , nice clean head, reluctant to use ears but when did gives a nice expression. A little erratic on the move.

Open Dog 6 (4)

  1. Blaikie’s Kourika Klear Konnection


B/M  One I have not seen before, upstanding male of lovely clear colour. Demands attention. Clean head, correct stop, lovely moulding of foreface and a soft sweet expression from his dark almond eyes. Hard work for his handler to use his ears but when he did get them on top gave a lovely picture.
Impressive outline lovely reach of neck and lay of shoulder correct length of back and turn of stifle and in proportion to the whole. Moved well and with drive happy to give him. BD, BOB, BIS.

  1. Paterson’s Wilmaranna Portrait in Blue


B/M not as impressive as 1  nice clean head . Good confirmation . Reluctant to show his ears.  Moved soundly.

Minor Puppy Bitch 5

  1. Brooker’s Telforth Sweet Dreams To Corisian


S/W from the top drawer Lovely sweet bitch having a wealth of coat beautifully presented , clean head pattern, cleanest of stop, neat ears on top having a dark almond eye gave a melting expression . Stood and showed well through out. Moved with drive to win the class. BPB. Unfortunate to meet her brother for BPIS

  1. Rigby’s Kourika Hrushed Krystel At Eximer

B/M of lovely broken colour, clean wedge head, dark eyes neat ears on top at all times giving sweet expression stood and showed, moved well. Has not got the coat and substance of 1 but her time will come.

  1. Blaikie’s Kourika Karrizma

Puppy Bitch 3 (1)

  1. Rigby’s Kourika Hrushed Krystel At Eximer


  1. McCarte’s Gloryway Cinderella for Monsolana at Rhoughrigg                                

S/W  clean head topped by neat ears. nice dark eye giving sweet expression. Good confirmation and moved well.

Holt’s Lynlou Star Affair at Leeamanway

Junior Bitch 4 (2)

1.McClelland & Brotherton’s Erjon El Diamante at Alauna

 Tri in good condition and coat, showed and moved well

  1. Paterson’s Birkmyre Black Mantilla for Wilmaranna


Tri unfortunately seemed to be a little unsettled and was reluctant to used her ears , her coat was starting to lift . Moved close behind.

Maiden Bitch 4 ( 1)

  1. Sibbald’s Telforth Little Mix


S/W lovely baby, ultra sweet, clean wedge head and stop, showed her sweet expression when ears on top. Nice moulding of foreface. Just growing her coat which showed her lovely confirmation and outline off. At times more interested in her surroundings. Did enough to win the class moved well. Will improve with time will watch her career with interest.

2.McCarte’s Gloryway Cinderella for Monsolana at Rhoughrigg

Tait’s Mirfico Marguerite

Novice Bitch 2 (1)

  1. Paterson’s Birkmyre Black Mantilla for Wilmaranna


  1. Tait’s Meryctin Xtreme Charm

S/W  Very unsettled with her surroundings not a happy lady today,  reluctant to show, but did move well.

Graduate Bitch 5 (3)

  1. Brooker’s Chantique Simply Dee For Corisian


S/W Straight from the top drawer immediately caught my eye when entering the ring. Clean head correctly placed stop, correct shaped dark almond  eyes, ears on top giving a sweetest of expression. Lovely moulding of foreface and fullness of muzzle. Making a lovely picture you then followed along her nice reach of neck and length of back and turn of stifle on well let down hocks and neat feet. Showed non stop for her handler. Moved with drive. Pushed hard in the challenge but the dog won on his maturity. BB, RBIS

  1. Brodie’s Shanaburn Magical Kisses


Unfortunate to meet 1 in this class. Tri of the blackest of coats. Clean wedge head pattern nice dark eye giving a sweet expression. Showed well when settled. Moved well.


Post Graduate Bitch 2 (1)  

  1. Mitchell & Jordan’s  Avonfair Secret Attraction


S/W lovely head pattern, clean stop neat ears. Had a nice clean new coat which showed off her lovely outline, showed and moved well.


Limit Bitch 6 (3)

  1. Mitchell & Jordan’s Caronlea Celtic By Design for Avonfair


Tri I have admired from the ringside for a long time did not disappoint me on going over her. Beautiful presented, neat ears on top of her lovely clean head pattern correctly placed stop, dark eye giving a soft sweet expression. Standing her virtue is her lovely outline having a beautiful reach of neck on correct lay of shoulder and length of back stands so naturally four square giving a true picture of her wonderful construction. Moved well. In the challenge for best bitch had a different handler and was not as settled as in her class hence RBB.

  1. Carmichael’s Designer Child For Danfrebek


S/W overall a nice bitch ,clean head correctly placed stop, nice expression when used ears on top, lacked the showmanship of 1. Moved well.

  1. Brodie’s Shanburn Raindrop Kisses

Open Bitch 9 (3)

  1. Grainger & Mitchell’s CH Samhaven Classical Music


S/W another I have admired from the ring side. Nice wedge shaped head, clean stop, neat ears on top with nice dark eye giving a sweet expression. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder and length of back. Showing her lovely outline. Lacked condition and sparkle today. Moved well and her overall quality won her the class.

  1. Houston’s Aldermeade Celieh Dancer AT Mounthorpe


S/W nice clean head, lovely moulding of foreface, correctly placed stop ,nice dark eye giving a lovely expression. Moved well.

Nicholson’s Lomondyvale Love Bug.



Julie Pembleton