Open Show June 2013

Mrs M McLaughlin (Brihow)

A glorious day in the sunshine. Thanks to the Club for inviting me and to John and Marian for keeping the ring running smoothly. Various dogs were feeling the heat and this obviously affected placings on the day. Most dogs were well presented although several were overweight and a few still had knots. Good muscle tone was the exception rather than the norm. Teeth were often filthy!

Veteran Dog/Bitch (4 entries, 3 absent):
1. Fox’s Ch. Danfrebek Truly Mady Deeply with Alanita, classy bitch with beautiful clean head, super shape and in good coat and condition – feeling the heat today and not putting her all in.

Minor Puppy Dog (2, 0):
Two very raw babies, both with lovely shape and moving well for their age, but both with some maturing needed in head at this stage, time is on their side -
1. Holt’s Erjon Energiser, super colour tri, lovely reach of neck;
2. Rycraft’s Born To Be Pinot Noir, slightly deeper in head than 1 and eyes a tad sore today.

Puppy Dog (1, 0):
1. Erjon Energiser

Junior Dog (0):

Yearling Dog (2, 0):
1. Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga Street Fighter, loved the outline on this sparkling sable dog, he screams ‘Collie’ with that arched neck and super topline with rise over the loin that many lacked, would like him a size bigger but he is masculine; 2. Rycraft’s Lynmack Say You Will, s/w at an awkward age.

Maiden Dog (2, 0):
1. Johnston’s Erjon Eligible RBD loved this young s/w dog’s size and outline, an upstanding male with good size and bone, lacking coat at the moment but all the essentials are there with a lovely head and shape, and free flowing action on the move - I look forward to seeing more of him later;
2. Lynmack Say You Will

Novice Dog (1, 0):
1. Lynmack Say You Will

Graduate Dog (1, 0):
Chirray’s Kourika Black Jake, tricolour on smaller scale but still masculine, jet black coat with correct harsh texture, loved his shape but back end movement needs to firm up.

Post Graduate Dog (4, 1):
1. McCann’s Zolkhan Prime Suspect, grand old man enjoying his day out, lovely moulded head with no trace of coarseness and retaining soft expression, best shape of the class and in good coat of correct texture, moved well.
2. Brodie’s Shanaburn New Yorker, smaller type of male, finer in head but with lovely eye shape and placement, good shape and neck, mind on other things today!;
3. McCulloch’s Lomondvale Stormy Weather

Limit Dog (2, 1):
1. Fox’s Alanita What’s It All About BD masculine shaded s/w in full bloom, good harsh coat of lovely rich colour and sparkling, quite strong in head but still with quality and lovely eye, loved his outline and length to height ratios, good muscle tone but his mind wasn’t with us today and his movement was not the most enthusiastic.

Open Dog (6, 3): A difficult class, places may well have changed in different weather
1. Paterson’s Wilmaranna Portrait In Blue, b/m of good shape with clean head, unenthusiastic today and not helping his handler, movement OK going but his front is not his fortune;
2. Thomson’s Ir. Ch. Lomondvale Storm Petrel, smaller s/w male, nice head with good eye, decent shape, would prefer a better filled croup, happy with his tail on the move;
3. Hannah’s Glasgowhills Meet Me Halfway

Baby Puppy Dog/Bitch (1, 0):
Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga Streets Ahead – not a placed class but what a charmer this baby was – stood and showed like a veteran and has quality in spades with clean head, super bone and movement stronger than many of the adults. Look forward to seeing him mature.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5, 2):
1. Paterson’s Birkmyre Black Mantilla for Wilmaranna, the baby of this class, ears a tad large which masks a decent head and expression, super shape and neck and the best mover in this class;
2. McLelland & Brotherton’s Erjon El Diamante at Alauna, well grown girl, with head a little strong and needing to clear at this stage, hind movement needs to strengthen;
3. Johnston & Buchanan’s Cariadhaf Coco Channel

Puppy Bitch (2, 1):
1. Brodie’s Shanaburn Magical Kisses BPB/BPIS well boned tri puppy of nice size and shape, in a coat that should have had her melting today, pretty feminine head which is just long enough for her body size, good movement although would like to see her with a little less weight, very promising bitch

Junior Bitch (8, 2):
1. Mains’ Scotiablue Dreams Come True s/w bitch with lovely head and shape, showing correct topline and rise over loin, in good coat of rich colour;
2. Corney’s Yenroc Fleur Di Ecosse, immaculately presented as all dogs were from this exhibitor, very similar to 1., just found her slightly steeper in upper arm which showed in her movement;
3. Fox’s Erjon Edna

Yearling Bitch (6, 3):
Samhaven Scottish Melody at Yenroc, s/w bitch who I found a tad strong in backskull although she still has a sweet expression;
2. Ashe’s Starlenga Mysterious Girl at Forrestwalk, pretty golden s/w with lovely head and expression, nice shape and a better front than 1. but her extra weight showed in her movement today;
3. Gee’s Shandlmain Shadow Dancer

Maiden Bitch (5, 0):
1. Chirray’s Meryctin Queen of Diamonds, s/w with lovely neck and a good shape that allowed her to move well, found her a little strong in backskull;
2. Birkmyre Black Mantilla for Wilmaranna;
3. Erjon El Diamante at Alanna

Novice Bitch (4, 1):
1. Shanaburn Magical Kisses;
2. Birkmyre Black Mantilla for Wilmaranna;
3. Cariadhaf Coco Channel

Graduate Bitch (4, 1):
1. Mitchell & Jordan’s Avonfair Secret Attraction, the first of 3 class winning exhibits for this kennel, all in sparkling condition with good muscle tone, this golden s/w puts her all in, lovely clean head with ears bang on top, would prefer a little more length to her back if being picky, super movement in profile and from the rear;
2. Coutts Eximer Lady In Black, loved the structure of this tri but she was very out of coat which made her look unbalanced before you had your hands on, head and expression just my cup of tea, front movement a little untidy;
3. McCann’s Zolkhan Miss Moneypenny

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 2):
1. Mitchell & Jordan’s Caronlea Celtic By Design for Avonfair BB/BIS this bitch wasn’t a favourite of mine as a youngster but she changed my mind here today, super condition and muscle tone, loved her shape and movement, cleanest of heads – yes, she is a tad full in eye but that didn’t detract from her overall quality;
2. Anthony’s Camanna Coloured Silk bigger b/m bitch of lovely colour, very balanced bitch with a lovely head and expression, good movement but happy with her tail;
3. Fox’s Alanita Gaze Away

Limit Bitch (6, 4): Two lovely bitches with true Collie shape
1. McLelland & Brotherton’s Danfrebek Dream Girl at Alauna won here on her cleaner head, lovely eye and marginally better front construction, giving her the edge on the move;
2. Corney’s Yenroc French Toast, beautiful colour and sparkling form, loved them both

Open Bitch (6, 2):
1. Grainger & Mitchell’s Samhaven Classical Music RBB/RBIS no denying the class of this bitch with super shape and a clean head of good length, presented immaculately again and moved so soundly, just lost out to the sparkle of her kennel mate;
2. Brodie’s Shanaburn Fluffy Kisses heavier shaded s/w bitch who could benefit from a little more neck but has lovely length of back, clean head with lovely eye but not the most enthusiastic on this hot day;
3. Nicholson’s Lomondvale Love Bug

Judge Mrs. M McLaughlin