Championship Show October 2013

Mrs C Scott


Firstly I would like to thank  Joan & Bill and their committee for giving me the pleasure of judging bitches at their prestigious championship show. Also a big thank you to my two stewards John and Rob for their hard work.  Secondly I must thank my exhibitors for giving me some lovely bitches to judge.

Minor puppy bitch (5, 1abs) 1. Blaikie’s Kourika Koconut Kream , 6 month old little blue baby with one ton of charisma……showed herself off to the crowd like a veteran.  Good rounded bone, neat feet, lovely make and shape all in good proportions.  Nice coloured coat beautifully presented.  Nice dark eye, good ear carriage right on top, very alert.  Good head patterns but just needs to fill out in foreface and muzzle but she certainly has time on her side to do that. Moved fine for a baby her age. Pleased to see her go on to  BPIB, BPIS under BIS Judge Lyn Maxwell .
2. Boyle’s Barrenclough Moon River, 8 month old little girl.  Again of a lovely make and shape, good neck, good  head with good stop , sweet eye and expression but I would like her ears up higher.  Movement ok.  This little lady looked and behaved a lot better for her change of handler in her next class, hence her placing. Another  promising youngster.
3.Congdon’s Isn’t She Lovely Des Beldones Via Aaronwell. 

Puppy Bitch (7)
1. Boyle’s Barrenclough Moon River .
2. Hassock’s Camanna Cotton Picker Ninney, tri-colour lady with good make and shape.  Lovely bone and substance.  Nice head, expression but I would like her ears up higher. Showed and presented well. Moved ok.
3. Congdon’s Isn’t She Lovely Des Beldones via Aaronwell.

Junior (8) For me this was my best class of the day as it contained two very beautiful bitches who ended up my CC and Res CC winners. 
1. Walker’s Hana of Lowland Green Valley at Starlenga, as she walked in the ring she caught my eye and on going over her I was not disappointed …….she was just what I was looking for.   Top class lady with everything going for her, absolutely one I would love to own.  Superb head with correct stop and the loveliest rounded well moulded muzzle.  Lovely almond shaped eyes set correctly, good ear carriage all combining to give an expression to die for.  Lovely make and shape, good rounded bone, plenty of substance, nice short hocks good angulations front and rear.  In lovely coat presented to perfection.  She moved out well on the move.  Stood and showed very well.   At the age of some 16 months she has such qualities and can only go on to get even better with maturity  if that is possible     Bitch CC.  I was extremely pleased to see her go on to win BOB and BIS under BIS Judge Lyn Maxwell.
2. Ryan’s Mertrisa Dizzy Miss Lizzy at Scottrye, another little sweetheart who I could not take my eyes off and made me smile with her beauty.   Another feminine lady that I wish were mine.  Wonderful head properties with correctly placed stop, gorgeous eyes, set correctly giving a heart melting expression.  Lovely moulding of foreface and lovely ear carriage.  Nicely boned, good overall shape with good neck.  Beautifully presented, she stood and showed superbly and moved around the ring quite easily.  I was very happy to award this beauty the Res CC. 
3.Brodie’s Shanaburn Magical Kisses. 

Maiden (4,1abs)
1. Jeffries & Alexander’s Dallinaire Touch the Sky.  B/M lady not carrying a lot of coat but what she had was presented nicely.  Good outline, a finer bitch all over to what I would prefer but her qualities won her this class.  Good head pattern, nice expression, great ear carriage which she showed off to her advantage.  Moved ok.
2. Wray’s Takhisis Lady Grace, good coloured Tri lady, beautifully presented coat and condition.  Moved ok. 
3. Walker c/o Johnston & Buchanan’s Starlenga Street Dancer. 

Novice (5)
1.Walker’s Hana of Lowlands Green Valley at Starlenga.
2. Boyle’s Barrenclough Moon River.
3. Jeffries & Alexander’s Dallinaire Touch the Sky. 

Graduate (8, 1abs)
1. Ashe’s Starlenga Mysterious Girl at Forrestwalk, pretty little sable bitch.  lovely over all shape, but I  would like a little  more neck, good bend of stifle  , nice short hocks , she had  enough bone and substance whilst staying feminine.  Good balanced head, correct stop, nicely rounded muzzle but  I would prefer a slightly better eye shape.    Good ear carriage when she used them, she was not a showing fool but did enough for me.   Moved out well. 
2. Grainger & Mitchell’s Samhaven Moet Chandon , nice overall bitch , bigger all over than my winner.  Again possessed good bone and substance. In lovely coat and condition , presented beautifully.  Nice shape but again with her I would prefer a little more neck.  Nice head, good ear carriage, would like a slightly better stop and a sweeter expression.  Stood and showed well for her handler .Moved ok
3. Congdon’s Monsolana Sunwish for Aaronwell.

Post Graduate (10,3abs)
1. Fox’s Amalie Lynmead Honey Honey for Alanita.  Won  this class on her shape and movement.  Good angulations front and rear enabling her to move around the ring as you would expect.  Good bone, short hocks, lovely neck, not in the best of coats but what she had been beautifully presented.  I would prefer a more feminine head; she is a little deep through and not quite the  sweet expression I would like .   Stood and showed very well for her handler.
2.Rae’s Paridel French Martini JW , young lady in lovely very well presented coat.  Nice outline but would prefer better front angulations , enough bone and substance, Nice head pattern , good stop , nice eyes but her low set ears spoilt her expression somewhat. Stood and showed so well . Moved ok. 
3. Jeffries & Alexander’s Dallinaire Touch the Sky. 

Limit (9,3abs)
1. Hodges’ Jopium Ice Ice Baby, beautiful blue merle bitch in super well presented coat of good colour.  I just loved her make and shape,  good topline, lovely rounded bone, good angulations front and rear.  Balanced feminine head ,good well placed stop, nice under jaw, lovely rounded muzzle,  lovely eye and when I pulled her ears up what a gorgeous  expression she had…….she was very reluctant to lift her ears of her own accord but I could not deny her quality .  She moved well in this class but for some reason was limping in the challenge.
2. Mitchell & Jordan’s Caronlea Celtic By Design for Avonfair JW, nice over all tri colour, lovely jet black in colour and sparkling whites, she was presented in good form.  Nice outline when standing, nice head but she is finer in muzzle than what I like and in eye I would like an almond shape. Ears bang on top showed nonstop for her handler, moved ok.
3. Shanburn’s Shanaburn Raindrop Kisses.

Open (9,4abs)
1. Kaye’s Danfrebek Love Child, smashing tri colour lady possessing a real black coat and glistening whites.   Good make and shape, lovely neck and topline with slight rise over the loins.  Good Angulations front and rear.  I do like to see bitches with some bone and substance and this girl possessed both.    Beautiful balanced head, good well placed stop, rounded muzzle, nice eye and good ear carriage all gelling to give that typical collie expression.  Moved out well.   She was certainly on her toes today , a quality bitch with a great character.  
2. Foy’s Drole DeDame Des Beldones , well what a little sweetheart .  A lovely sable bitch, very attractive.  Lovely balanced head, with good rounding to her muzzle, super almond shaped eyes correctly set giving a gorgeous expression.  Very reluctant to show her ears but what I saw was lovely.  Super bone, good shape in beautiful coat and condition but she did not have the ring presence and panache of my winner. Bit sluggish on the move. 
3. Hassock’s Camanna Curious Caprice . 

Veteran (3) 1. McLaughlin’s Ch Derbypark Could it be Magic for Brihow,  tri absolutely gleaming , in fabulous coat and condition .  She stood and showed like a real professional.  Nice head pattern, good muzzle, well placed stop, lovely correct ear carriage but I would like a better eye for a sweeter expression.  Lovely shape, nice neck, good bone, short hocks.  Moved ok. It’s so lovely to see a lady of a certain age (7 yrs young) still coming to shows and putting her all in to her performance.
2. Wray’s Ch Takhisis Lady Lucia, another lovely 7 years young veteran, this time a blue lady.  Nice make and shape but not quite the shape of my winner.  Great bone, lovely hocks in good coat, presented beautifully.   Nice balanced head, good rounded muzzle, nice eye and expression.  Correct ear carriage.  Another born show girl who gives her very all for her handler.  Moved ok. 
3. Mc Colm’s Antoc Dream a While.