The Ayrshire Collie Championship Show-8th. October 2016

My thanks to my fellow committee members for their invitation to judge dogs at the above show. My appreciation also to my two stewards for their hard work. As usual the enthusiasm and atmosphere in the hall was prevalent, all of which makes this show annually memorable. I was delighted with my entry and the general quality of the dogs under me and in particular I considered that my CC winner was outstanding. There was often just a hairbreadth between class winners and placements. Another day another dawn springs to mind!

MPD (4)    1   Lockyers  Gataj Beau Of Surprises -7.5mths tricolour, good black colouration and fitting coat-nice eye and correct head planes-good top line and reach of neck-responsive to  his handler -strode out well. 2 Wall's  Daliyhaa Kings Minstrel -Just 6 months  and still a little distance to develop-rich coat - promising head and expression-moved well.3 Mc Clelland's Rashel Show time at Alauna.

PD   (6)    1 Campbell's Culbrae Imagine- 11 months sable nicely coated and of correct texture-good head pattern, correct stop, nice dark eye and good ear carriage enhancing his melting expression nice spring of ribs and good bone-responsive to his handler and moved out with drive- a very promising puppy BPD , 2nd. Shipp's Tremaro Celtic Son-10 months well coated sable again with correct head patterns, good ears ,eyes, and overall expression-responsive to handler and moved out well, 3rd.Brodie's Riversidesong Innuendo For Shanaburn.

JD    (6)   1 Welsh's Karafaye  Scotch Blend At Thistlewing- 17 months sable, good harsh coat -good length of back and reach of neck, strong front- tail to hocks-nice headed dog with excellent ear placement and pleasant expression-moved with drive 2 Johnston's Sea Dreamers One And Only-15 months sable -well fitted coat- nice almond eye- good head and ears -good length of back -would do himself more favours if he settled himself at times.3 Caplan's Chantique Lover Boy Of Whitecraigs.

MD   (3)  1  Lockyer's Gataj Beau Of Surprises  2 Iley's Jack Black Ileyda. 11.5 months tricolour -upstanding dog in good coat -good length of back -needs to broaden in the chest -responsive to his owner.

ND    (1)    1 Iley's Jack Black Ileyda.

GD    (2)    1  Carmichael's  Kilchrenan  Keltic Briar JW. good well fitting tricolour coat -good level top line and good reach of neck-nice head, ears and eye-well sprung ribs and deep chest -tended to be restless at times but did enough to display himself - moved out well  on the drive. 2 Steven's Cariadhaf Crazy Dream-well constructed sable- good angulation, with good coat and again pleasing head and expression-needs to keep his tail from flying high on the move.

PGD   (8)  1 -Hodges's  Jopium Drifting Mist- well broken up, profusely coated blue merle-good ear placement, correct eye giving masculine expression-strong neck of good length sitting on nice level top line-deep strong chest and well sprung ribs-responsive to his handler and strode out with purpose. 2-Ross's Tremaro Star Touch At Samshernik- rich sable -good parallel head planes -pleasing expression -good depth of chest -ears well mounted and in use all the time -again one in concert with his handler -moved and stretched out  well.3 Hollywood's Amalie Lynmead Say It Again.

LD  (5)  1-Cooney's Jopium Stole My Heart At Lingwell-Caught my eye whenever he came into the ring and certainly stole my heart-lovely sable dog with correct top line capped with a fine reach of neck and a coat of correct texture which fitted him perfectly. Correctly placed ears which he used all the time -an eye of the correct shape and a well sculptured head, all of which amounted to a melting expression-good deep chest and spring of rib stood and showed himself non- stop and finally to cap matters strode out with drive and purpose-fully deserved his  DCC and RBIS. 2- Waterhouse's Born To Be Your Quite Famous Lynmead-sable dog , not the biggest boy but within the standard, again a striking dog with good head pattern giving a melting expression-responsive to his handler and strode out with purpose. 3-Tipper's Tiganlea Too Good To BE Forgotten.

OD  (7)  1- Welsh's Ladnar Perfect Time At  Thistlewing-Lovely upstanding blue merle dog with good reach of neck and correct top line-correct textured coat and well broken up colour wise - good masculine head pattern -ears well placed and continually used, with good eye enhancing his expression. Focussed completely on his handler and ignored all else-did not disappoint on his drive ,fore, aft, and sideways. Pleased to award him RCC. 2-Sibbald's Telford Tony-Pleasing sable dog -again one with good eye, ear placement, and overall expression profuse coat which was well presented-lost out against winner of class with his restlessness-moved well when required. 3 Timmins's I.Ch. Kynan Arthur Guiness.

VD  (2)  1-Wray's Takhisis High Voltage-10 years blue merle dog -good head and alert expression -good length of back and good body proportions -attentive towards his handler-still active for his years and showed that with his movement front and rear. 2-Sinclair's Ladnar Kings Country-8 years tricolour with deep rich black coat-good length of back to height -attentive to his handler and did not disappoint on the drive.

David Thomson