Championship Show
11th October 2014



Smooth Collies

I would like to thank the officers and committee for their fantastic hospitality.

Junior Dog/Bitch 2

1st Fort’s  Shulune Imperial Storm  Tri Bitch of lovely type, head is a joy to go over with everything in the right place, sweet expression from correctly shaped eye and good ear carriage, her conformation is superb with well rounded bone on legs and neat tight feet.  Very good movement front and rear and just powered round the ring holding her top line. Excellent presentation and handling. BOB

2nd Johnston Buchanan Fort’s  Shulune Imperial  Shannon   Tri bitch, litter sister to 1,Much of the same remarks apply, just not so positive on the move.

Open Dog/Bitch 1

1st Johnston & Buchanan’s CH Mightys Spring Meadow Gift for Shulune  Tri bitch who I have judged before and I like her very much, lovely outline, head is correct, moved well, shown and presented to perfection, just preferred the movement of the youngster.

Lyn Maxwell (Judge)