Championship Show
11th October 2014


Rough Collie Dogs
I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge Rough Collie Dogs at this very friendly and well run show. I enjoyed the day very much and was really pleased with my entry, although it was a shame that there were quite a few absentees on the day. I found the movement of some of the exhibits to be rather disappointing. However, I was more than happy with my final line up.

MPD. (5-1) 1. Johnston & Buchanan’s Ileyda Blue Is Back. B/M of 6 months, good head and eye, ears well used but could be a little higher set, nice body shape, however I would prefer slightly more reach of neck, moved well.
2. Ashe’s Forrestwalk Rocket Man. S/W, another baby of only 6 months, nice head, eye and expression, showed well if a little over eager and fidgety, good overall shape and reach of neck, needs to tighten in movement.
3. Fairgrieve’s Murphy’s Law.

PD. (2-1) 1. Rycraft’s Kynan Silver Shadow At Rydellsky. B/M of 11 months, nice head and eye, ears placed and used well giving a pleasing expression, good reach of neck and balanced overall shape, in good coat which was well presented, moved well. BPD.

JD. (7-1) 1. Shipp’s Tremaro Catch A Star. S/W of 17 months, liked him for type, nice length of head with good stop, sweet dark eye, well placed and used ears giving a lovely expression, super reach of neck and length of back, making a pleasing outline, moved well. Not in full coat, but presented in good condition.
2. Sibbald’s Telforth Tony, S/W of 14 months, shorter all over than 1, nice head and eye, ears well placed and used, good neck and body shape, still in great coat for his age which was well presented, moved well.
3. McCarte’s Lynmack Walk All Over You At Roughrigg.

MD. (1) 1. I Blue Is Back

GD. (8-1) 1. Tremaro Star Touch At Samshernik, flashy S/W, litter brother to winner of JD, very similar in type and quality and same points apply, again not in full coat, but well presented. Will watch these two youngsters progress with interest.
2. McLoughlin’s Rydeen Jamboree At Brihow, Tri who really didn’t make the most of himself today, nice head, eye and ears when used, good length of back, in good coat, moved ok.
3. Boyle’s Barrenclough Moonglow.

PGD. (4) 1. Congdon’s Monsolana Bluzstar For Aaronwell, impressive B/M, lovely head and eye, to be critical I would prefer his ears to be tighter set, however he does still have a sweet expression, loved his shape, good neck, length of back and angulation, in superb coat and condition, moved well.
2. Walker’s Starlenga Mungo Jerry, nice S/W, good head with sweet eye, ears a little low set and not the reach of neck of 1, good length of back, moved ok, well presented.
3. Fort’s Shulune Mine’s A Double

LD. (12-6) 1. Collins Triburle Zachary, Nice S/W, good head and stop, sweet eye, a bit unsettled and reluctant to use his ears, but a sweet expression when he did, balanced overall shape, moved well and in good coat.
2. Walker’s Starlenga Dizzy Rascal, another nice S/W with sweet eye and expression, good reach of neck and length of back, in lovely coat but not quite so good on the move as 1.
3. Coulson’s Coarhabeg Rider In The Sky Over Bluchip.

OD. (15-7) 1. Hawkins & Foy’s Int. Ch. Beldones Double Diamond. What a lovely boy! S/W with sweet yet masculine head, lovely dark almond shaped eye, correct ear carriage, all combine to give the softest of expressions, super neck down to good shoulders, length of back and angulation, in good coat, presented in great condition. Loved him for his type and soundness on the move. Very happy to award him the CC and was delighted to see him go BIS.
2. Hodges Jopium Heart And Soul, another really lovely S/W who appealed instantly, very similar to 1 in many ways although perhaps a shade smaller, head handles well with good stop, sweet dark expressive eyes, great ear carriage, balanced overall shape, looked good standing and moving, in good coat, presented to perfection as always by this kennel, unlucky to meet 1 on such good form today, well deserved RCC.
3. Hawkins Brilyn Intoxicated

VD. (4-3) 1. Paterson’s Wilmaranna Portrait In Blue, 7 year old B/M, pleasing head, eye and expression, nice neck and length of back, good angulation, moved well, better than many of the younger dogs, lovely coat and presentation.

Judge: Miss Sam Bedford.