Championship Show
11th October 2014

Rough Collie Bitches


Hodges, Riverside Song Venice Queen at Jopium 1 Lovely type, good bone, lovely arched neck, good expression, lovely outline, move well, good front, I well prefere better hind quarters.

Loader's Redola Dream in Lace 2 Very nice type, beatiful eyes and ears placement, beautiful head, her expression is very sweet, lovely outline, good bone, good front and hind quarters, one of the best bitches today but she is not very happy in the ring, the reasons is the second.


Scott's Chantique Sugar Plum Fairy 1 Lovely type, lovely outline, lovely neck, good head i will prefere better expression, good bone, good hind quarters and good front, lovely ears, a promise puppy.

Llewellyn's Salsina Share a Dream 2 Another lovely puppy very nice balanced body, lovely head, I will prefere better expression, lovely neck and ears emplacement, moves well.


Sibbald's Telforth Little Mix 1 Very nice bitch, lovely type, nice constucction, lovely head and I will prefer more sweet expression, good bone, good front and hind quarters, nice outline, moves well.

Blaikie's Kourika Karisma 2 Lovely tricolour, lovely type, very good head and expression, lovely ears, good bone, lovely back, I will prefer better hind quarters


Boyle's Monsolana Butterfly Blue over Barrenclough 1 Good type lovely construcction, lovely head and expression, good ears, good bone, good front and hind quarters, moves well.


1. Hodges Riverside Song Venice Queen at Jopium

2. Boyle's (as Maiden)


Scott's Chantique Bumble Bee 1 Very nice bitch, beautiful eyes, fear placement, lovely head, beautiful expression, good ears carriage, good shoulders into good length of back, neat feet, well angulate and hind quarters, lovely shape, moves very well, RCC

Hawkins & Foy's Haute Couture des Beldones 2 Another quality bitch, lovely type, well balanced body, lovely head and eyes, ears, good bone, good front and angulation, lovely neck, good presented, move well.


Scott's Chantique Tinkerbell 1 Very typical bitch, lovely type, lovely head and eyes good ears, lovely back, good hind quarters, good front and angulations moves well.

Hodges Jopium Ice Eclipse 2 Beautiful blue merle, lovely head and fantastic expression, with beautiful dark eyes, good bone, very good front, I will prefer better hind quarters, lovely neck and back, very well presented good balance.


Hollywood & Waterhouse's Lynmead Amalie Ours to Love 1 Beatiful tricolour, very good balance in body, lovely head, good eyes and expression very sweet, lovely ears carriage, very nice arched neck, liked her outline, good hind quarters, good front, moves very well, well presented, a joy to handler my CC.

Congdon's Monsolana Sunwish for Aaronwell 2 Another quality bitch, lovely type, lovely head, good proportions body, lovely back, good bone, moves well.


Hodges Jopium Secret Star 1 Beautiful bitch, very good type , a true collie, lovely head, good eyes fear emplacement, lovely arched neck very nice shape, good front, and neat feet, good angulations, good shoulders, and hind quarters, moves very well.

Loader's Redola Nice as Spice 2 Top quality bitch, very nice type, lovely shape, lovely head, good neck, good front, I will prefere better hind quarters, moves well.


McLoughlin's Ch. DerbyparkCould it be Majic for Brihow 1 Super quality bitch, beatiful tricolour, beautiful black colour, inmaculate conditions, lovely head, nice expression, lovely arched neck, beautiful back, good front and hind quarters, moves very well, allways young.

Loader's Redola Sugar n Spice 2 Beatiful bitch, most beautiful head, good eyes and expression, very nice type, very femenine, good construcction, good bone, lovely neck and back, good front and hind quarters, she is not very happy today

Judge: Jose Aramburu Duran